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Experts in Silicone Gasket Solutions

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Second Research and Development Event – Ideas into Action

Gray material assemblyThe top idea from Stockwell Elastomerics first research and development event in August 2022 has passed proof of concept phase and is in qualification phase. It’s focused around the company’s #1 core competency – silicone bonding. More to come soon! Existing customers will be hearing about the specifics of this R&D development shortly. Contact Stockwell Elastomerics if you are not a customer but are challenged with silicone bonding applications.

Something Si-O strong is coming.

Stockwell Elastomerics held its second successful R&D event in February of this year at the DVIRC. Sponsored by Application Engineering and facilitated by Stockwell Elastomerics’ Director of Continuous Improvement, Bob Walsh, the event was a tremendous success. A cross-functional group, including 10+ individuals from Manufacturing Engineering, Applications Engineering, Sales, and Supply Chain Management, participated in a full day of ideation.

The focus on this event was innovation of elastomeric products and co-products for our customers’ most challenging applications. While exploring new ideas, Stockwell Elastomerics will continue to stay with what it’s known for: expertise in silicone gasket sealing, fabricating adhesive backed silicone foam, silicone sponge, and solid silicone sheets, liquid silicone rubber and compression molded silicone, as well as custom silicone composite products.

During the February 2023 event, #2, #3 and #4 concepts from the previous R&D workshop were investigated further. Teams broke out into sub-groups for several hours and then pitched their concepts at the end of the event. The Applications Engineering Team, in partnership with the Engineering Co-op (from Drexel University), will be pulling a focused team together to bring the leading idea forward to a proof-of-concept, with confidence that this will advance customers’ intelligence in gasket applications.

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– Dan Shanahan, Director of Applications Engineering

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