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Stockwell Elastomerics has expanded their popular HT-800 Gasket Tape line with 3 additional thickness offerings. This line of UL listed silicone foam has a peel and stick backing with a strong acrylic adhesive. Roll lengths range from 10 to 30 linear feet depending on thickness. The tape width is cut as needed, from 0.25” to 34” wide. Stockwell’s gasket tape products, including Strip-N-Stick®, typically ship within 48 hours for low/startup quantities.

Newly added HT800 Gasket Tape

• .032″ HT-800 Gasket Tape, Grey w/ Supported Acrylic backing, 20/ft long
• .375″ HT-800 Gasket Tape, Grey w/ Supported Acrylic backing, 10/ft long
• .500″ HT-800 Gasket Tape, Grey w/ Supported Acrylic backing, 10/ft long

HT800 suitable for outdoor sealing as well as meeting NEMA and IP wash down requirement when properly compressed. Wash down applications may require bonded seems or joints. HT-800 is considered a high temperature gasket but also has excellent low temperature gasket properties. The ability of HT-800 to rebound, known a compression set resistance is a key feature setting it apart from Neoprene sponge gaskets. HT-800 silicone foam in gasket tape form is often used for large gaskets and enclosure gaskets for cost savings.

Stockwell also custom cuts gaskets and foam pads from HT-800 and other UL listed silicone foam materials, with or without, 3M or Adchem adhesive backings.  Fast prototyping of HT800 gaskets is available with Stockwell’s 4 in-house water jets (when CAD file is provided).

For more information on HT-800 silicone foam gasket tape or custom gaskets, please call 215-335-3005 or email . To request a Stockwell Gasket Tape touch brochure click here.

Strip-N-Stick® is a registered trade mark of St. Gobain Performace Plastics

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  1. Steve Hughes

    Hi Stockwell Elatomerics sells HT-800 gasket tape in rolls, there are volume discount available as well. HT-800e is widely used for NEMA enclosures for its excellent rebound and UL50 rating. Stockwell cuts roll widths as needed. For more information please call 1-800-523-0123 or email

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