It’s All Materials These Days

October 21, 2005

My background is primarily in mechanical design and manufacturing. One of the main reasons I took the Applications Engineering position with Stockwell Elastomerics was to move toward the front end… read more

Material inventory at Stockwell Elastomerics

RoHS Compliance

September 12, 2005

RoHS Compliant Gaskets You have likely heard by now that the European Union adopted a directive called Restrictions on Hazardous Substances (RoHS). It eliminates or significantly reduces the use of… read more

17 foot Radome Gasket

June 13, 2005

We took on a fast-turn project that involved some new capabilities for a customer in the defense electronics sector. One prototype gasket was needed in one week. The catch was… read more

Spliced Randome Gasket

Welcome to the Elastomerics Blog!

May 3, 2005

This blog will have commentary on particular news or observations of the industry and trade. I will show particular work that we have done to solve a problem – since… read more

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