Platinum Cure Silicone versus Peroxide Cure Silicone

August 20, 2009

Addition or platinum cured silicone rubber offers an increasingly popular alternative to conventional peroxide cure silicone products, especially for healthcare applications that require the utmost purity and cleanliness of materials…. read more

Medical device silicone gaskets

Jointed Silicone Gasket

February 16, 2009

In a previous Elastomerics Blog post (June 2006) there is a brief description of material jointing. That post showed two methods used to joint silicone sheet, one being a combination… read more

Large silicone gasket with jointed dome

BF-2000 Ultra Soft Silicone Foam

January 8, 2009

Previously called EP-2022, BISCO® BF-2000 – Ultra Soft Silicone Foam (liquid silicone base) has been a nice addition to Stockwell Elastomerics’ line of silicone products. With a typical force deflection… read more

Bisco BF-2000 Ultra Soft Silicone Foam Disc

Thick EMI Gasket & EMI Gasket Options

August 19, 2008

Stockwell Elastomerics regularly provides custom EMI gaskets for a wide range of customers. Each application is a bit different; some can be cut from “off the shelf” sheets of nickel… read more

Acrylic Adhesive Backed Silicone Gaskets

June 3, 2008

Some questions and answers about silicone and acrylic adhesives: Is silicone pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) required for silicone material? We often see silicone based adhesive specified with silicone materials. Silicone… read more

Acrylic adhesive-backed silicone gaskets